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Re: draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-02.txt;

2004-12-01 16:02:52

On 12/1/2004 10:43 AM, ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com sent forth electrons to convey:

In order to move forward since the discussion of this draft at the last BOF:

I would like to gauge interest. Which SIEVE
implementations/implementors 'intend' to write code to support some
IETF-blessed extension in order to provide a "Reject before delivery
capability" (e.g. draft-elvey-refuse-sieve or a derivative)?

We certainly plan to support whatever is standardized.

Great. We = Sun.Innosoft?  What Sieve implementations?

Currently, no implementations have this ability.

Actually, ours already does, abeit through the use of nonstandard actions. I
have to say I find this capability to be quite valuable in practice.

Cool.  A pointer to or copy of docs of this feature would be nice to have.

Please indicate your interest! (e.g. Edit the wiki page mentioned below (put an "i" in the right place) or reply to me and I'll make the edit for you.)

I note in passing that the page you cite doesn't have columns for either the PMDF or the Sun sieve implementations.

You seem to have missed the third column (which was the fourth column 'till today)

I certainly can provide information
about what Sun does or does not implement.

Please do and I'll make the edits for you. (the table is hard to edit.)
Also, do you get that the page is part of a wiki?
Please include links. I don't get whether PDMF is a Sun implementation or not; please explain when you email me. Sun owns innosoft, which made PDMF...

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