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Re: draft-elvey-refuse-sieve-02.txt;

2004-12-02 15:32:34

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 09:38:15PM -0500, Matthew Elvey wrote:
In order to move forward since the discussion of this draft at the last BOF:

I would like to gauge interest. Which SIEVE
implementations/implementors 'intend' to write code to support some
IETF-blessed extension in order to provide a "Reject before delivery
capability" (e.g. draft-elvey-refuse-sieve or a derivative)?  
Currently, no implementations have this ability.

Please indicate your interest! (e.g. Edit the wiki page mentioned below 
(put an "i" in the right place) or reply to me and I'll make the edit for 

('Intend' just indicates strong interest, it doesn't mean "Guarantee by x 

I'm quite interested in the capability in SIEVE of indicating refusal at
SMTP time.  My own implementation is not capable of supporting that at
present, since it's not integrated with any SMTP server in a way that
would allow it, but that kind of integration is on the wish list..

As for the details, well, that's where the fun is :-)


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