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Re: RFC 3028/3658 (Sieve): SPAM NOTSPAM.

2005-04-27 08:44:50

Hi Lewis,

--On April 27, 2005 4:24:47 PM +0100 Lewis Thompson <lewiz(_at_)compsoc(_dot_)man(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk> wrote:

Hopefully that will make a bit more sense, even if it is a little
longwinded.  As I say, I don't think it fits in with SIEVE but it seems
somewhat related to RFC3685 (SPAMTEST and VIRUSTEST).

It seems to me what you are asking for is an IMAP extension that can be used to signal back to a anti-spam system which messages are spam and which are not. This would need to be done in a similar way to the SIEVE extension in that it should be as 'generic' as possible and not depend on the implementation of any anti-spam products.

If you want something like that you might want to post to the imap extensions WG mailing list and see if there is interest there.


Cyrus Daboo

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