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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-sieve-variables-04.txt

2005-07-23 19:04:00

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 16:00 -0700, Ned Freed wrote:
On an unrelated point, the [SIEVE] reference needs to be changed to the
replacement I-D to dodge the "no side-effects in tests" restriction.

well, 3028bis must be published first, anyway, so I'll update the
reference when its done?

Might as well update it now as it is likely that the variables draft
will be approved before 3028bis comes out as an RFC. The RFC Editor
understands how to handle such dependencies and will update the
reference for you.

okay, but I don't know what such a reference should look like.  my best

Guenther, P., "Sieve: An Email Filtering Language", Work in Progress

I prefer to have the draft name and date in there, so the ones I have look like

              Philip, P. and T. Tim, "Sieve: An Email Filtering
              Language", draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-04 (work in progress),
              July 2005, <

              Homme, K., "Sieve Mail Filtering Language: Variables
              Extension", draft-ietf-sieve-variables-04 (work in
              progress), July 2005, <

In case anyone cares, the way to get this output from xml2rfc is with
something like:

<reference anchor='I-D.ietf-sieve-3028bis'
<title>Sieve: An Email Filtering Language</title>
<author initials='P' surname='Philip' fullname='Guenther'>
    <organization>Sendmail, Inc.</organization>
<author initials='T' surname='Tim' fullname='Showalter'>
<date month='July' day='18' year='2005' />
<seriesInfo name='Internet-Draft' value='draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-04' />

<reference anchor='I-D.ietf-sieve-variables'
<title>Sieve Mail Filtering Language: Variables Extension</title>
<author initials='K' surname='Homme' fullname='Kjetil Homme'>
    <organization>University of Oslo</organization>
<date month='July' day='15' year='2005' />
<seriesInfo name='Internet-Draft' value='draft-ietf-sieve-variables-04' />

On a side note, I'm seeing an increasing tendency to try and avoid referencing
internet-drafts even in cases where such a reference is clearly appropriate,
and I cannot say I like it. While I understand the desire to avoid unnecessary
document dependencies in the RFC Editor queue, IMO the risk of the wrong
reference slipping into the final document far outweighs the delays
dependencies can cause. If there's a problem where documents are blocked
unnecessarily even after dependencies - and I've seen some indications that
such a problem does in fact exist - we need to deal with that problem rather
than gloss over it in this way.

I have one additional suggestion. Thinking about it, I don't like the name
choices here. Specifically, ":quotewildcard" refers to the characters being
quoted and not the context they are being quoted for, while ":quoteregex"
refers to the context they are being quoted for and not the characters being
quoted. How about changing ":quotewildcard" to ":quotematches" so both
names refer to the context?

:quotematches was the original suggested name, and it seems logical in
tandem with :quoteregex, but it sounds awfully misleading on its own.

   SET :quotematches "address" "[${1}]"

it's tempting to think that the modifier will only affect the match
variable, IMHO.

Not to me, but since it appears to be to others I'll let this one drop.