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Re: document status: 3028bis, body, editheader

2006-03-22 11:29:15

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 01:37:28PM -0800, Philip Guenther wrote:
Alexey Melnikov <alexey(_dot_)melnikov(_at_)isode(_dot_)com> writes:
I think you've missed a couple of issues I've reported:
1). I can't see any text about stripping leading/trailing whitespaces 
(text moved from the relational extension)

Section 5.7:
   The "header" test evaluates to true if the value of any of the named
   headers, ignoring leading and trailing whitespace, matches any key.

Now this brings up the question of what the "value of a header" is.  In
RFC2822-speak, it would probably really be the "field body of the named
header fields" .  "header" is used a lot in the draft to mean "header
field" so that's probably not worth going into (much as I would love to
suggest it), but the "value of a header" seems cloudy.  OTOH it's a lot
better than the current rfc3028.  To illustrage (not very good, but clearer):

    The "header" test compares the body of the named headers against the
    specified keys.  For the purpose of this test, The body of a
    header is what remains after removing the header's name and its
    following colon, and then ignoring any leading and trailing whitespace.

Then in:

   If a header listed in the header-names argument exists, it contains
   the empty key ("").  However, if the named header is not present, it
   does not match any key, including the empty key.  So if a message
   contained the header

would be "its body contains" and "its body does not contain"

BTW I notice that in 5.1:

   The address test matches Internet addresses ...

this is the only one of the descriptions in section 5 that doesn't put
the verb in quotes in its opening sentence.  i.e. for consistency's sake
it would be

   The "address" test ..