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Re: Future directions for the ManageSieve draft

2006-12-05 10:40:18

On Tue, Dec 5, 2006, Alexey Melnikov 
<alexey(_dot_)melnikov(_at_)isode(_dot_)com> said:

Aaron Stone wrote:

The only things on my mind are how to specify scripts for IMAP actions and
for MTA/MDA actions. Given the discussion on the recent thread about
multiscript, there are a lot of multiscript implementations! I would
certainly prefer to manage my multiscripts via ManageSieve.

Sure. This might be one potential candidate.

Is this something we might want to tackle in the base document by adding
the option for arguments following script names in relevant actions?

What about comparators? How are those discovered?

The same way as other Sieve extensions, in the SIEVE capability:
"IMPLEMENTATION" "Isode M-Box SIEVED server 12.0v0"
"SIEVE" "fileinto reject envelope vacation imapflags notify subaddress 
copy comparator-i;ascii-numeric relational spamtest refuse regex"

Right, ok, so why a new capability section for notify when we could add to
the existing "SIEVE" block a couple of "notify-method1 notify-method2"

Or should we break comparators out, and have responses like:

"SIEVE" "fileinto vacation subaddress envelope relational"
"COMPARATOR" "i;ascii-numeric"
"NOTIFY" "email xmpp"
"SASL" "plain cram-md5"

P.S. I was a bit brief in my comments, let me know if you need more 
detailed explanations from me.

No worries, thanks for the uber-fast reply, too :-)