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Results of the Working Group Last Call on draft-ietf-sieve-notify-05.txt

2007-01-18 13:51:09

Issue #1:

Make tagged "method" parameter positional. (Michael, Dylan are in favor of the change).
I would welcome additional opinions on this issue.

Issue #2:

Michael has suggested some changes to the requirement on timestamps. I will discuss this offline with Michael and Barry and will suggest some new text.

Issue #3:

:subject versa :message. Aaron, Dilyan in favor of adding :subject. Michael wants to keep using :message.

Issue #4:

Dilyan suggested to add "expiration" parameter/option to the notify action. While I see some utility in this option, I am reluctant to extend the document so late in the game, unless there is strong support from the WG. I would recommend to add this option in a separate document. Opinions?

Issue #5:

Ken (in a private message) has suggested to extend "body" test instead of introducing a new "extract_text" test. Opinions?

Issue #6:

Arnt wants to be able to do "send notification over XMPP, if can be delivered immediately. Otherwise send it over SMS".
This issue needs further discussion.

Issue #7:

Lisa: controlling who can receive notifications and throttling.

Have I listed all issues raised so far?