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Re: some thoughts

2007-02-05 12:16:48

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

 - envelopes
If a mail goes to several recepients, but in one envelope, test address and test envelope can figure it out, but then the rfc3028 permits that one user removes the other from the envelope. E.g. if a mail goes
To: a(_at_)d(_dot_)e, b(_at_)d(_dot_)e

the a(_at_)d(_dot_)e(_dot_) might have the follwoing script

if envelope :all is "to" b(_at_)d(_dot_)e discard;

then the mail might not be delivered to b(_at_)d(_dot_)e . Is there any sentence, I have overseen, prohibiting that the different users' scripts may not interfere?

I eventually decided that a(_at_)d(_dot_)e should not be able to tell whether the envelope contains b(_at_)d(_dot_)e(_dot_) If b(_at_)d(_dot_)e is a bcc, revealing it in sieve would be a privacy leak.

Indeed. As far as Sieve is concerned, each envelope always contains a single recipient.

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