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Re: some thoughts

2007-02-05 12:21:34

Dilyan Palauzov wrote:

  Hi folks,

I was thinking on implementing a sieve-milter, an addon for sendmail, that filters mails for users, which do not necessary have mailbox on that server. In such cases the filter is applied to the whole envelope with its contents (except where the message is modified, in which case a new message shall be generated). And on some points I continue to think how to implement them.
 - test size
How shall the implementation determine the size of the message: if the smtp server supports rfc 1870 (esmtp, size), can the sieve implementation use that value (MAIL FROM: nana(_at_)aegee(_dot_)org size=10000 , or shall count by itself the bytes contained?

Hi Dilyan,
SMTP SIZE is an approximation of the size, so ideally you should count bytes.

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