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Re: AD review of draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-12

2007-03-30 08:52:11

Cyrus Daboo wrote:

Hi Philip,

Hi Cyrus,

--On March 29, 2007 11:19:34 PM -0700 Philip Guenther <guenther+mtafilters(_at_)sendmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

My technical preference is that user Sieve scripts should keep working
when  the infrastructure is upgraded as I don't like disrupting users.

Agreed, I'm just not sure we have enough knowledge right now to guarantee

Yes - I always assumed that there would be a SIEVE for EAI extension to allow SIEVE to work in an EAI environment. Shouldn't that be part of the EAI WG since it is looking at SMTP/IMAP/POP etc in an EAI environment? I would be somewhat reluctant to undertake that work here, but it seems to me it should be done in parallel with the SMTP/IMAP/POP work so it can be deployed and used alongside those when they get upgraded.

Chris has the final say on this, but here is my personal opinion:
I got impression from Harald that EAI WG is not going to take on any extra work until its current milestones are done. EAI might recharter to take on more work. I think whichever WG can finish its milestones first can recharter to do this work.