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Re: Naming conventions for Sieve RFCs

2007-08-13 03:59:40
Sieve Extension: Variables

Your proposal should work here.
Sieve Extension: Notifications

I can change the title, but I think that:
 SIEVE Email Filtering Extension: Notifications

is slightly more informative than:

 SIEVE Email Filtering: Enotify Extension

(who would know that enotify is about notifications?)


I'd be happy with:

Sieve Email Filtering: Notifications
Sieve Extension: Relational Tests

The same problem as above here: I think "Relational Tests" is more
informative that "Relational Extension"

I'd be happy with:

Sieve Email Filtering: Relational Tests

I don't care if it's SIEVE or Sieve, either, but think it better to be
consistent, and it isn't consistent out there at the moment.


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