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Protocol Action: 'Sieve: An Email Filtering Language' to Proposed Standard

2007-10-16 10:24:59

The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'Sieve: An Email Filtering Language '
   <draft-ietf-sieve-3028bis-13.txt> as a Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Sieve Mail Filtering Language Working 

The IESG contact persons are Lisa Dusseault and Chris Newman.

A URL of this Internet-Draft is:

Technical Summary
This document describes a language for filtering email messages at
time of or after final delivery.  It is designed to be implementable on
either a mail client or mail server.  It is meant to be extensible,
simple, and independent of access protocol, mail architecture, and
operating system.  It is suitable for running on a mail server where
users may not be allowed to execute arbitrary programs, such as on black
box Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) servers, as it has no
ability to shell out to external programs.

This document is a revision of RFC 3028.

Process and goals history of this draft.

This document is a revision of RFC 3028. In addition to updating
boilerplate, updating and splitting references into normative and
informative, and correcting ABNF errors, the document also clarified
many ambiguities in RFC 3028, such as handling of invalid RFC 2047
encoding, invalid addresses in headers, invalid header field names in
tests, unknown envelope parts, null return-path in "envelope" test,
capability string case-sensitivity, etc. This update also brings Sieve
in line with the recent comparator RFC 4790) and removes some
requirements which were found to be problematic when designing some
Sieve extensions, for example the ban on tests having
side-effects was removed due to introduction of Sieve variables.

Note that description of the reject action originally specified in RFC
3028 was moved to another draft.

The first WGLC on the draft has ended at the beginning of August 2005.
After the LC WG members realized that the document was unclear on how it
was using comparators. Most of the time in the following year was spent
on building common understanding on how comparators should work in
general and how they are to be used in Sieve. Also, during this period
some additional issues were clarified in the document. Now that
RFC 4790 is published, the update to RFC 3028 can be sent to IESG.

This draft is being submitted for Proposed Standard.

The SIEVE WG has reviewed the draft and discussed it at a several
Last-call (and post last-call) reviews included:
- Kjetil Torgrim Homme
- Ned Freed
- Michael Haardt
- Ken Murchison
- Mark E. Mallett


Note to RFC Editor 

OLD:     Author/Change controller:
       See Editor information in this RFC.

NEW:     Author/Change controller:
       The SIEVE WG, delegated by the IESG.

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