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Re: Filtering on raw (non-decoded) headers?

2008-02-14 21:37:45

        Hello Ned,

> OK, I seem to be missing something basic here, but given that a
> properly functioning Sieve implementation will decode all encoded
> words using well-known charsets to Utf-8, why would you need to list
> anything other than the Cyrillic characters as they appear in UTF-8?

The point is that Rob asked for properly functioning Sieve implementation that rejects mails with KOI8-R encoded subjects, as he searches for a way to refuse mails with subjects in Russian language. If he wants to refuse mail with subject in Russian language, or any other language using Cyrillic alphabet, based on the used charset, then he is supposed to list all charsets that can be used for encoding Cyrillic characters. To achieve what he wants, it is easier to check for the presence of ~ 3 most used characters in Cyrillic languages, regardless of the used charset. Using regex with brackets is even better that listing the 3 most used characters.

>>     Nevertheless, I think that including an option raw in test envelope,
>> supposes introduction of a similar option in test body,
>> draft-ietf-sieve-body-07, Section 4.2. ":content".
> Again I must be missing something - envelope deals in envelope address
> information which is currently restricted to ASCII. Perhaps you meant
> the header test instead?

Here I mean header test, I am sorry for the confusion.

        Със здраве,