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Re: Updated Sieve environment draft posted

2008-03-15 06:25:02

Ned Freed wrote:

as it doesn't require variables, but also having the information
available via a variable namespace seems clean to me too since it builds
on language elements and concepts already out there.  But I can see some
of the drawbacks too: one being that it would make implementation of
this extension slightly harder/slower/less likely for any product that
also implements "variables" if this extension mandated adding a
variables namespace. But only slightly.
That's my main concern here - I want to keep this simple. I think the main
use-case for environment is as a test.
I am planning to implement both environment and variables at some point. But environment as written is just a couple of hours of work, while variables is more like a couple of weeks of work. So I would rather not tie environment to variables.