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Re: I-D Action:draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-08.txt

2008-07-22 10:40:51

> P.S. I'm also quite worried given the reception the Sieve base got in
> regards to the looping potential of redirect that this draft is going to
> receive at least one DISCUSS vote from the IESG that's going to be very
> difficult to satisfy.

As noted above, I think this is very different from redirect, because we
are generating a new message to a (presumably fixed) recipient, not
forwarding or responding to an existing message.

FWIW, the Sieve variables extensions makes variable (in the sense that they
depend on the input message) possible. For example:

require ["notify", "mailto"];
if address :matches "from" "*" {
 notify :message "blah blah"
             :importance "3"

However, given that addresses can be and sometimes are handled by the routing
fabric in fairly perverse ways, including various highly dynamic routing
schemes, I don't think this changes the situation much if at all.