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Re: I-D Action:draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-08.txt

2008-07-26 14:21:34

Ned Freed wrote:

I guess that one thing we're trying to work around is the fact that
systems that are the target of a notification message, and that might
pass it on to where it loops back around, can't be relied on to pass
whole headers, and so things like Received counting or looking at (e.g.)
"Delivered-To" can't be counted on as those fields might get stripped.
As might the original "Auto-Submitted" field, so this technique either
relies on this field being preserved, or on one of the downstream notifiers
or forwarders adding one of their own.  That all strikes me as kind of
shakey in addition to being a mis-use of this field.
Agreed. FWIW, my suggestion was to add a parameter to auto-submitted that
uniquely identifies the auto-submitter so that that can be checked and loops
detected that way. But this got shot down for some reason I no longer recall.
I thought "owner-token" described in section 2.7.1 is your parameter?