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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-managesieve-00.txt is to replace draft-martin-managesieve-12.txt

2008-10-21 07:15:20

Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

Alexey Melnikov writes:

1). Update to Sieve URL scheme based on Chris Newman's proposal. Based on the discussion on the mailing list I believe there is rough consensus to make the change, i.e. to add "authorized user" just before the script name, but it would be optional. I will send a separate message on this so that it is clear to everyone what change I will be implementing.

Did you ask the kolab/kontakt people whether this will break their deployment, or choose non-conflicting syntax?

I think the new syntax is backward compatible, but kolab/kontakt would need to be updated if they want to support the new syntax.

BTW, do you have an email address(es) handy for kolab people?

2). Stephan Bosch suggested that some deployments would like to have script verification mode, without allowing SASL ANONYMOUS. I.e. only to allow script verification by registered users of the service (SASL ANONYMOUS would allow *any* user, even not registered on the system, to perform script validation). ManageSieve used to have such mode by allowing the empty string as the script name in PUTSCRIPT, but it was taken out, because I felt at the time that SASL ANONYMOUS was a cleaner design. Now that I understand that the two mechanisms have different applicability, I would like to hear WG opinion on this issue.

A new command is the cleanest way. CHECKSCRIPT.

I agree this is cleaner. But it has to be an extension (which is fine in this case)