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Re: draft-ietf-sieve-managesieve-00.txt is to replace draft-martin-managesieve-12.txt

2008-10-21 07:29:24

Alexey Melnikov writes:
I think the new syntax is backward compatible, but kolab/kontakt would need to be updated if they want to support the new syntax.

BTW, do you have an email address(es) handy for kolab people?

konold(_at_)erfrakon(_dot_)de would do, I guess.

A new command is the cleanest way. CHECKSCRIPT.

I agree this is cleaner. But it has to be an extension (which is fine in this case)

My intuitive preference is to make an extension, say that server MUST implement it, explain that it is an extension only because past versions of the document didn't contain CHECKSCRIPT, and maybe put warnings into this extension. (I haven't looked at how you did warnings in today's draft.)