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Re: WGLC on draft-melnikov-sieve-imapext-metadata-04.tx

2008-11-27 10:26:21

Alexey Melnikov wrote:

with my co-chair hat on I would like to start the Sieve Working Group Last Call for the following document:

The SIEVE mail filtering language - extension for accessing mailbox metadata <>

The Working Group Last Call for this document starts on November 10th and
will end on November 28th (so it is almost 3 weeks, so that the IETF
meeting in Dublin is covered).

I've updated the document once (mostly editirial) based on comments from Cyrus. See <> for a detailed list of changes.

I am planning to update the document once again to remove "_" from test names, e.g. "mailbox_exists" would become "mailboxexists". Please speak up if you have any objections.

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