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[sieve] proposal: align header with address

2010-03-24 04:15:15

an introduction first, as rationale.

Several years ago I proofread parts of book which, among other things, explained how to write sieve scripts. The authors used the header test throughout. Prose like this:

  To test whether an address is addressed to fred(_at_)example(_dot_)org, you 

    if header "to" :is "fred(_at_)example(_dot_)org" {
        fileinto "roles/fred";

I explained that 'if address' was the right test. They didn't believe that header was wrong, and showed me examples proving its correctness, eventually switching to from :is to :contains (mishandling alfred@).

Not sure what the printed book said.

People do misuse header in that way quite often. I've corrected the error in internet-drafts several times, and recently (a few months ago) I saw a misused 'if header' in a published RFC.

When even the sieve WG members misuse a test, it's time to adapt the test to human reality.

So here's my proposal:

1. In the next iteration of base Sieve RFC, either allow or recommend testing address fields as though 'if address' were specified, even if 'if header' is specified.

2. Publish this an erratum now.


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