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Re: [sieve] Poll: how to report Sieve runtime errors to the user?

2010-08-24 18:42:43
--On Tuesday, August 24, 2010 06:49:17 PM -0400 Barry Leiba
<barryleiba(_dot_)mailing(_dot_)lists(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:

> I really think that Kurt and Ned are saying the same thing here: when
> Kurt says that "do an implicit KEEP is enough of an indication that
> something's wrong," he's saying what Ned means when he says "I'm not
> convinced this is a problem we need to deal with."

I think doing an implicit KEEP is enough of an indication that something is

That's probably the case if the actions of the Sieve are obvious, as in reject or discard. But when it comes to more subtle stuff like adding
headers, maybe not.

However, it doesn't provide the information that a user or
developer of a script generator would need to figure out _what_ is wrong.
And telling the user to contact the administrator and get him/her to help
go through the logs is really not a solution that scales to the Internet.

You actually need both: Send an error message and keep a log that can be
checked easily. The error message is good enough most of the time, but
there are plenty of users so clueless that they will be unable to find or
may even have deleted the error. In such cases tech support has the unenviable
choice between telling them to wait for the problem to come up again or
check the logs.

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