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Re: [sieve] Working Group Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-notify-presence-00

2010-09-29 00:47:01
Section 2: there are several lowercase "may" and one "must" present. Please
review each of these and determine whether they ought to be 2119 keywords
and uppercase them as appropriate.

Yeah, the problem is that "may" is a perfectly good English word, and
avoiding it often results in contrived text.  I think I prefer all the
lower-case "may" as they are, and I've changed the 2119 section to
explicitly say that only the upper-case versions are keywords.  I did
change the "must", by removing the word.

Section 2: change "enotify.[RFC5435]" to "enotify [RFC5435]."

Why?  I don't like it that way.
Why don't we just see what the RFC Editor does with it, and leave it at that?

Section 3: "WILL" and "WILL NOT" are uppercase - probably better to

Yes; changed.

I won't post the update until some others have had a chance to review
what's there.

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