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Re: [sieve] Prague meeting?

2011-02-15 14:05:28
have enough participants present at the meeting to justify using a slot (I
am probably not going to be present). If others feel it would be valuable to
have a 1 hour slot to tackle specific outstanding issues (external lists,
imap sieve, regex) I can submit a request, but someone else will need to

Alexey and I plan to have a mostly-final-we-hope version of
external-lists posted very soon.  We think we can finish it on the
list, and don't need face-to-face time for that.

I plan to have a semi-final version of imap-sieve posted within a week
or two (I'll be travelling next week, so it might be after that).
That version should incorporate Ned's last review, and should get us
mostly done with that document.  I think the most important thing to
happen with that is thorough review, rather than discussion in Prague.
 If we need face time on it, we can do that in QC, but I hope it goes
to the IESG before then.

Is regex going to move at all?  Or is it dead?

In any case, I don't think a session in Prague is called for.

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