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Re: [sieve] Prague meeting?

2011-02-15 14:14:45
Indeed, I cannot make it :/

On my plate is an update to Include, and looking over the charter
again to see where we're at.


On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 9:42 AM, Cyrus Daboo <cyrus(_at_)daboo(_dot_)name> 
Hi folks,
Today is the deadline for WG scheduling for the Prague meeting. Whilst we
have one or two drafts that we need to get finished, I am not sure we will
have enough participants present at the meeting to justify using a slot (I
am probably not going to be present). If others feel it would be valuable to
have a 1 hour slot to tackle specific outstanding issues (external lists,
imap sieve, regex) I can submit a request, but someone else will need to
step up and chair the meeting (as I don't believe Aaron will be present

Cyrus Daboo

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