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Re: [sieve] New Version Notification - draft-ietf-sieve-convert-03.txt

2011-09-19 17:53:48
Sorry for the empty reply first: getting used to a new BlackBerry.

This creates a new time of Sieve action, a "testable action".


Doh!  Thanks.

I though we were talking about a test which doesn't perform any conversion. I 
uneasy about tests with side effects (modulo setting match variables).

I *think* everyone else who replied understood what I was suggesting, but maybe 
not.  Others can comment, and I hope they will.

I personally prefer the simplicity of doing the action and test together.  That 
said, I'm happy to specify that the test not take the action, if that's the WG 

I see a problem with that approach: the test can determine whether the 
conversion is supported without performing it.  But it can't determine whether 
it will succeed until it performs it.  If the input is corrupted or 
mislabelled, how do we have a condition on that?  Would it always have to make 
the script fail with a runtime error?

So I'm looking for others to weigh in.  Do you prefer the action to be taken 
along with the test?  Or do you prefer having to repeat the text, once for the 
test and again to do the action?

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