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Re: [sieve] Script Runtime errors via X-Headers

2012-10-12 19:02:30
On 10/12/12 1:49 PM, Thomas Schmid wrote:
Thus I would suggest adding the following to paragraph 2.10.6 :

    When an error happens, implementations MUST notify the user that an
    error occurred and which actions (if any) were taken, and do an
    implicit keep.

+  This can be achieved by adding an "X-Sieve-Error" header containing
+  the runtime error message to the mail.

What are your thought on that?

The original target for Sieve supported a multi-user server with a single-instance store, such that a message to N people need only be stored once. The server had already committed the message to disk before it was handled by filtering.

So it was too late to write the header, and as the header was potentially shared between multiple users, it wasn't the place to put the data, either.

Sneaking data into headers is a hack. It may be the best choice for some implementations, but it's not what headers are for.

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