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Re: [sieve] Script Runtime errors via X-Headers

2012-10-12 19:25:37
On 10/13/2012 1:40 AM, Ned Freed wrote:
Actually, we had a discussion about this a few years ago:

I don't think adding headers was mentioned as part of that discussion, [...]


It's mentioned there somewhere and also discussed in follow-up messages.

(1) Only a *tiny* minority of users see the full message header. In fact a
   significant number of users have no idea how to get this information
   from their user agent even if they somehow knew to look for it.

And good luck getting user agents to display additional header information
   like this by default.

I think this is what he means to achieve by standardization, although I agree this would be quite futile.

(2) This approach only works when the person responsible for the sieve content
   is the same as the message recipient. In our case the two are often
different, and moreover the chance of a sieve runtime error is strongly
   inversely correlated with the two being the same.

The somewhat feature of using a special header is that it eliminates the risk of getting deluged with error message reports. But we have many millions of end user sieves deployed, and we've had no reports of this happening. (And I think
it likely we would have heard if it had happened.)

As was mentioned in the original discussion, the need and benefit for showing runtime errors to users that have created their Sieve scripts through some kind of GUI is very limited. In fact, it would likely confuse such users. The only convincing benefit mentioned was that users could provide more detailed information in their support questions directed at the helpdesk.

For advanced users that directly write their own Sieve scripts this would be a quite different story, but apparently this situation is quite rare.



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