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[sieve] Script Runtime errors via X-Headers

2012-10-12 15:49:12

recently I stumbled upon a server, which returns run time errors of a sieve script as an X-Header. I did not find any documentation regarding this behavior, so I think it non standard. Never the less it's quite handy. Especially if you move, rename or misspell an imap folder.

Such an error X-Header looks like this:
X-Nemesis-Sieve: missing mailbox "\example"

Is there a chance to standardize this within the Sieve RFCs? It makes debugging script for inexperienced users with no access to the server logs way easier.

Especially since Paragraph "2.10.6. Errors" of "rfc5228" requires implementation to represent script errors to the user but does not offer any suggestions how to do that.

Thus I would suggest adding the following to paragraph 2.10.6 :

   When an error happens, implementations MUST notify the user that an
   error occurred and which actions (if any) were taken, and do an
   implicit keep.

+  This can be achieved by adding an "X-Sieve-Error" header containing
+  the runtime error message to the mail.

What are your thought on that?


Thomas Schmid

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