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Re: [sieve] Duplicate test

2013-01-17 09:18:02
On 14/01/2013 12:23, Stephan Bosch wrote:

A while back I built a non-standard Sieve extension for detecting duplicate message deliveries, e.g. as seen when people cross-post over multiple mailing lists. This functionality is very similar to what could be achieved with Procmail using formail -D. Someone requested this at some point and in a moment of boredom I built the initial implementation. Last year I extended it a bit and I made it more generic. I never intended for this to be standardized, but - now that I look at it again - I think this may yet be of some interest to other Sieve implementers as well.

I make a habit of documenting my custom Sieve extensions in a familiar RFC-like manner:

What do you think? Would you be interested in having functionality like this standardized? Should I submit this as a draft?
I think this would be worth standardizing. Some comments on the document:

1). I think the text motivating existence of this extension needs a bit of restructuring: it first introduces a very generic concept of matching and only later it talks about duplicate suppression. I would reverse that: describe some specific use cases first, then generalize.

2). I found that "the side effect of the test takes force at the end of a successful script execution" to be odd/awkward. Maybe we can have an explicit action? Or maybe leaving this as is is Ok... Need to think a bit more about that.

Otherwise this looks quite good to me.

Best Regards,

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