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[sieve] problem with sieve syntax

2016-02-15 07:12:59
Dear sirs,

I have trouble while setting up some sieve roules via roundcube plugin ("managesieve"). When set up an autoresponder with 2 automatically-sent messages I won't receive any automatic e-mails anymore. When I remove one of these, it works fine again.

Heres my syntax:

# rule:[max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de]
if allof (address :contains "to" "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de")
        vacation :days 1 :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re: 
${1}" text:
This is my automated mail number one
        vacation :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re: ${1}" 
This is my automated mail number two

Can you tell me whats the problem?

Many thanks,

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