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Re: [sieve] problem with sieve syntax

2016-02-15 08:39:38
Dear sirs,

I have trouble while setting up some sieve roules via roundcube plugin
("managesieve"). When set up an autoresponder with 2 automatically-sent
messages I won't receive any automatic e-mails anymore. When I remove
one of these, it works fine again.

Heres my syntax:

# rule:[max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de]
if allof (address :contains "to" "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de")
        vacation :days 1 :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re: 
${1}" text:
This is my automated mail number one
        vacation :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re: ${1}" 
This is my automated mail number two

Can you tell me whats the problem?

It's not really the purpose of this list to provide assistance in debugging
sieve problems, but FWIW, I see two problems here:

(1) No require statement for the vacation extension:

   require "vacation";

(2) You're clearly trying to perform a variable substition, but there's
   no code to do that and no require statement for the variables extension

Now, both of these may be due to your not having provided the entire
script. If that's the case, and you have the necessary require commands
as well as some sort of preceeding :matches operation, then I don't
see any sieve problem here.


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