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Re: [sieve] problem with sieve syntax

2016-02-15 14:42:19
Op 2/15/2016 om 1:28 PM schreef InterNetworX | Pascal Heverhagen:
Dear sirs,

I have trouble while setting up some sieve roules via roundcube plugin
("managesieve"). When set up an autoresponder with 2
automatically-sent messages I won't receive any automatic e-mails
anymore. When I remove one of these, it works fine again.

Heres my syntax:

# rule:[max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de]
if allof (address :contains "to" "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de")
    vacation :days 1 :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re:
${1}" text:
This is my automated mail number one
    vacation :addresses "max(_at_)mustermann(_dot_)de" :subject "Re: ${1}" 
This is my automated mail number two

Can you tell me whats the problem?

"Vacation can only be executed once per script.  A script MUST fail with an 
appropriate error if it attempts to execute two or more vacation actions."

Your software will probably log something about this problem. Ask the supplier 
for more information. I remember seeing this before and I think Roundcube 
developers know about this issue.



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