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Re: [sieve] SPECIAL-USE in Sieve (RFC 6154)

2016-04-03 06:28:05

Op 2-4-2016 om 9:28 schreef Ned Freed:
Please tell me what you think. I aim to submit this to appsawg soon, but
I think most Sieve people are still concentrated here, so I post it here
This looks like a useful addition to sieve to me. I support its adoption as a


One thing you'll need to address is the ability for the same special use
attribute to be attached to multiple mailboxes. Since the ability to have the
same special-use attribute on multiple mailboxes is implementation-specific, my
suggestion would be to make the behavior in this case implementation-specific
as well.

Section 4 states the following:

"More than one mailbox can have a particular special-use flag assigned. In that case, the mailbox that is chosen for delivery is implementation-defined. However, implementations MUST ensure that this choice is made consistently, so that the same mailbox is used every time."

Isn't that what you mean? What is missing?



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