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Re: [sieve] SPECIAL-USE in Sieve (RFC 6154)

2016-04-03 11:15:03

Op 2-4-2016 om 9:28 schreef Ned Freed:
>> Please tell me what you think. I aim to submit this to appsawg soon, but
>> I think most Sieve people are still concentrated here, so I post it here
>> first.
> This looks like a useful addition to sieve to me. I support its adoption as a
> draft.


> One thing you'll need to address is the ability for the same special use
> attribute to be attached to multiple mailboxes. Since the ability to have the
> same special-use attribute on multiple mailboxes is implementation-specific, 
> suggestion would be to make the behavior in this case implementation-specific
> as well.

Section 4 states the following:

"More than one mailbox can have a particular special-use flag assigned.
In that case, the mailbox that is chosen for delivery is
implementation-defined. However, implementations MUST ensure that this
choice is made consistently, so that the same mailbox is used every time."

Missed that, sorry.

Isn't that what you mean? What is missing?

Yes, that addresses the issue.


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