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Re: [sieve] Sieve deleteheader and :count match type

2017-01-17 12:21:46
Ned Freed writes:
It's far-fetched, but deleting both subject fields if there are two or more? I think most people choose to use the first. Choosing to delete both isn't entirely unreasonable, though.

I don't really see a case for deleting all of them.

FWIW, the messages I saw with two subject fields (back when I cared about such things) had two misleading/garbage/bad subject fields, not one with a bad value and one with an appropriate value.

My choice was to keep the shortest syntactically valid subject. But based on the data I saw I considered deleting both to be a defensible option.

The same applies to other header fields that may occur at most once.

Again, all but one, sure, or maybe appending them to each other. But not full deletion.

I see I also analysed messages with two content-type, content-transfer-encoding, message-id and date fields, but don't seem to have seen any where deleting both was appropriate.


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