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Re: closedPGP vs openSMIME

1997-11-14 17:25:49
draft is being physically formatted now for delivery to IETF.

Meanwhile, over at IPsec,

From: Karen Seo <kseo(_at_)bbn(_dot_)com>
To: ipsec(_at_)tis(_dot_)com
Subject:  IPsec Architecture -- List of changes


 At the direction of the working group chairs, we're posting the IPsec
 Architecture draft directly to the mailing list to minimize delays.  (It
 is also being sent to the secretariat.)  The chairs ask everyone to
 please review and comment as quickly as possible.

Mr Chair,
would it be at all possible to post the draft on the mailing list in
order to minimise delays?

On ietf-smime there 70 posts in last 3 days, this list only 3!

I'd just like to make the point that whilst Adam and I have been working
hard on crypto all week (yes, we hack for cash) this correlation is
coincidence and not causality :-)


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