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Re: closedPGP vs openSMIME

1997-11-14 20:39:11
Meanwhile, over at IPsec,

 At the direction of the working group chairs, we're posting the IPsec
 Architecture draft directly to the mailing list to minimize delays.  (It
 is also being sent to the secretariat.)  The chairs ask everyone to
 please review and comment as quickly as possible.

Mr Chair,
would it be at all possible to post the draft on the mailing list in
order to minimise delays?
As I said before, some people may object to drafts being posted to
the list, but I don't.

I do object, however, to having drafts posted to the list as a substitute for
submitting them to the Internet Drafts repository. As far as I'm concerned a
draft not posted to the Internet Drafts repository doesn't exist in any formal
sense. And I can assure you that the IESG shares this view.

So post to the list if you want to, but you _must_ submit the document
as an Internet Draft.

Please note that submitting an Internet Draft is trivially easy -- you send
mail to internet-drafts(_at_)ietf(_dot_)org with the document in plain text 
attached. There are no, repeat NO, formatting requirements other than this.

To say that this mechanism works well understates the case considerably. I have
on occasion posted as many as three revisions to a document in a single day and
gotten prompt and correct turnaround on all of them. When I've screwed up and
gotten the wrong name or revision level on a document the I-D people have
caught it every time.

My experience has been that the draft usually makes it out in less than 24
hours. Of course this is the period just before an IETF, so there may be a bit
more of a backlog than usual.


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