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Re: closedPGP vs openSMIME

1997-11-15 00:59:00
At 12:28 AM +0000 11/15/97, Ian Grigg wrote:

Mr Chair,
would it be at all possible to post the draft on the mailing list in
order to minimise delays?

I've been scolded in the past for that sort of thing in APPs.  Now I'm a
bit skittish -- cats and stoves, and all that.  Not that it hasn't crossed
my mind.  I might be more flexible in the future, but for the initial
draft, I'm going by the book.  Call me anal-compulsive if you must.

I'm not going to bed tonight until it is sent to the draft editor.  It
should be posted to the directory early next week.

I know you're all eager to see it.  The authors are equally eager for you
to see it, too.  I expect a lot of discussion once its in your hands.

My expectation at this point is we'll use the next weeks running up to the
Dec meeting to read and start commenting on the document.  I plan to have
the authors bring a list of topics they think we can resolve at the meeting
for their agenda.  I'll post my agenda for the whole meeting shortly.

I haven't sent my agenda in yet, so this will be an opportunity for your


john  w noerenberg, ii
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