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Re[2]: The Case Against MIME

1997-11-19 11:25:20
     One of the strongest reasons to use MIME encoding, even for plain text 
     messages is MIME's ability to support multiple languages and character 
     sets. While I am new to PGP, I do not believe that multi-lingual 
     support is part of PGP 2.6.X.  Plain text email which makes up most 
     domestic US email is not MIME encoded and uses the defined default 
     USASCII character set and the English language.  This probably is not 
     a valid assumption for the Internet as a whole.
     Multilingual support is an IESG requirement for all IETF protocols 
     going forward.  At a minimum this requires identification of the 
     selected character set, and in the mail context, a way to encooding 
     these 8 or 16 bit characters into a 7 bit transfer format such as 
     Quoted Printable.
     Greg V.
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