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Re: Proposed Extensions to TLS for OpenPGP

1998-01-02 09:58:57

Incidentally, I think this is probably a dangerous course of
action. The EAR <> 7 day review
criteria explicitly state:

  (iv) The software must not allow the alteration of the data 
encryption mechanism and its associated key spaces by the user or 
any other program

For that matter PGP plugs in directly to EXCHANGE and EUDORA. To me
this just shows the impossibility of such a reg. unless plugins can
be owtlawed completely (of course that has never bothered any court 
since King Canute).

Unless, of course, a good Kentuck lawyer could argue that "your honour,
our program has not altered the data encryption mechanism or its associated 
key spaces, they are completely intact (just bypassed)." (and the MIB would 
come around with their little flasher thingie...).


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