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Re: Proposed Extensions to TLS for OpenPGP

1998-01-02 11:47:45
For that matter PGP plugs in directly to EXCHANGE and EUDORA. To me
this just shows the impossibility of such a reg. unless plugins can
be owtlawed completely (of course that has never bothered any court 
since King Canute).

A slur!  I must defend the name of good King Canute.

Canute (Knut), a Danish king of England around 900 AD, was a
fine ruler.  In his reign, peace and high culture were
restored; banditry was suppressed.  He united Anglo-Saxon,
British, and Danish peoples of England in a single
prosperous kingdom.

Canute (at least, according to the story) did have his
throne carried down to the beach, did command the tide not
to come in, and did sit there until it washed over his feet.
However, his point was not to demonstrate his omnipotence,
but his lack of such, to quit the flattery of his courtiers.

Thus, Canute should not be remembered for arrogance and
pomposity, but for wisdom, discretion, a good sense of
humor, and strong managerial skills.  Of course, the art
of government has come a long way since the Dark Ages:
it's unfair to compare him to any of our modern rulers.


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