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Re: More (some already reported) spec nits

1998-06-04 08:57:37
2. In section 14, "PGP 5.0 can read an RSA key in V4 format but will only
recognize it using V3 format." should say "... V3 keyid." - it recognizes
either format, but only V3 keyids.

I think Jon's wording is better here.  The fact that it doesn't calculate
the keyid properly means that the key can't be used for encryption,
decryption, signature, etc. and interoperate with openpgp implementations.
This fact may not be obvious if we just mentioned the keyid difference -
people may think the only problem is the keyid display in the properties
dialog box.  It is better to say that PGP 5.0 doesn't handle V4 RSA
keys properly.


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