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PGP 6.5.1 - word list and SDAs?

1999-07-07 02:15:36
It would have been nice to have had some specifications on _this_
list _beforehand_:

- What do the SDAs look like?  Not everyone is using the same
  platform, so documentation of the data format would have been nice.

- What's the word list mapping for fingerprints?  I think this
  should be published at least as an informational RFC, so
  third-party products can produce compatible "fingerprint

Thanks, tlr  

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Date:         Tue, 6 Jul 1999 18:21:39 -0700
From: Cody Brownstein <cbrownst(_at_)MEDIAONE(_dot_)NET>
Subject:      PGP 6.5.1 has been released



PGPnet. PGPnet is a landmark product in the history of PGP. PGPnet secures
all TCP/IP communications between itself and any other machine running
PGPnet. PGPnet has been successfully tested with Cisco routers(requires
Cisco IOS 12.0(4) or later with IPSec TripleDES), Linux FreeS/WAN, and many

Self-Decrypting Archives. You may now encrypt files or folders into
Self-Decrypting Archives (SDA) which can be used by users who do not even
have PGP. The archives are completely independent of any application,
compressed and protected by PGP's strong cryptography.

Integrated PGP Command Line. This version incorporates the popular command
line version of PGP for Windows platforms. This product provides you a
convenient way to integrate PGP with other Windows applications and
automated processes on your desktop system. Please note that this is
intended for single user/workstation use. For use on servers, customers are
required to purchase the PGP Command Line/Batch Server product. Please
contact your local Network Associates Sales representative for more

Automated Freespace Wiping. PGP's Freespace Wipe feature now allows you to
use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule periodic secure wiping of the
freespace on your disk.

Hotkeys. The Use Current Window feature has been significantly enhanced by
the addition of Hotkeys. By pressing the configured key combination, the
Encrypt/Decrypt/Sign functions can be automatically invoked in zero clicks
without using PGPtray.

Fingerprint Word List. When verifying a PGP public key fingerprint, you can
now choose to view the fingerprint as a word list instead of hexadecimal
characters. The word list in the fingerprint text box is made up of special
authentication words that PGP uses and are carefully selected to be
phonetically distinct and easy to understand without phonetic ambiguity.

Support for Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5.0. This version of PGP adds
support for sending and receiving encrypted e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2000
and Outlook Express 5.0.

HTTP Proxy Support. If you are behind a corporate firewall with an HTTP
proxy server, PGP now supports accessing HTTP keyservers through the proxy.
To use this feature, you must configure the proxy server address in your
Internet Explorer preferences.

Smart Word Wrapping. The word wrapping in PGP now automatically rewraps
paragraphs and even quoted paragraphs resulting in much cleaner signed

Cody Brownstein

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