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Re: PGP 6.5.1 - word list and SDAs?

1999-07-07 03:24:18
On 1999-07-07 02:38:43 -0700, Will Price wrote:

High level biometric authentication methods that a particular
vendor (in this case Network Associates) chooses to implement are
well beyond the scope of this list.

From the context, it should have been obvious to you that by
"fingerprint" I meant "key fingerprint", and not any biometric
authentication methods your company may or may not choose to

Technical documentation and mappings for the word lists are
published in the docs for PGP where they belong.  Not in this

Sorry, Will, this word mapping _is_ an interchange format for
OpenPGP key properties, so it _does_ belong on this list and into an
(at least informational) Internet RFC. After all, there is a reason
behind having a well-defined key fingerprint displayed to and
exchanged by users, isn't it?

Concerning the SDAs, having a platform-independent marker string
which indicates where the ciphertext begins shouldn't be such a
great pain, and it would enable independent implementations running
on other platforms than the one intended by the SDA's sender to
extract the ciphertext. (I'm assuming that you don't use a
proprietary format for _all_ of the SDA.)