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compression & interoperability (Re: OpenPGP conformance : MUSTS found in RFC2440)

1999-07-21 15:38:21

Michael Elkins wrote:
The SHOULD in 9.3 is perhaps a bit problematic. If you implement 
compression, ZIP is the algorithm to implement. Perhaps this really 
means that the MAY in 2.3 ought to be a SHOULD, and just be done with 
it. That's certainly the easiest change to make. The more I think 
about this as I write this note, I think that's the correct change to 
make -- MAY in 2.3 becomes SHOULD.

Given that whether or not an implementation decides to implement compression
can affect its ability to interoperate, I think it would be better to have
the stronger suggestion that it be implemented.  Think "you SHOULD implement
this unless you know what you are doing and can accept the fact that your
implementation will likely not interoperate."

Couldn't something be done about this with a capability in the public
key?  ie as with mixmaster you don't send people compressed messages
if they can't decompress them.