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Re: OpenPGP conformance : MUSTS found in RFC2440

1999-07-21 19:21:45
At 2:43 PM -0700 7/21/99, Michael Elkins said:

   Given that whether or not an implementation decides to implement compression
   can affect its ability to interoperate, I think it would be better to have
   the stronger suggestion that it be implemented.  Think "you SHOULD implement
   this unless you know what you are doing and can accept the fact that your
   implementation will likely not interoperate."


   I beleive it should be since the decision to not support compression doesn't
   mean that you can just ignore the issue all together if you hope to talk to
   anyone else besides yourself.

Noted. You're right. I'll make it be a SHOULD in 2.3 and put in some expository text, related to the things we've written here.