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Re: ElGamal signature values?

2001-08-10 09:35:53

At 10:19 PM +0200 8/3/01, Ingo Luetkebohle wrote:

I couldn't find a specification for ElGamal signature values in the
RFC or the current (bis-02) draft, even though the current draft
mentions the possibility of such signatures in section 12.5 and gpg
seems to support them.

It would seem logical to use the same values as for public-key
encrypted session keys. Is that correct? Is that what gpg does or is
there something else I need to know?

Can someone who is an implementer answer this? What do I need to do to put
in the next draft? I'm going to put out another draft in the next couple of
days -- there's time here at HAL -- and if I can clarify, I will.


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