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Re: ElGamal signature values?

2001-08-17 15:11:55

At 3:41 PM +0200 8/13/01, Werner Koch wrote:

Please add a reference to section 12.5 [ElGamal] and make clear that
the use of ElGamal signatures is not suggested.

I'm a little uncomfortable over proper wording here; if they're so bad,
should they be there at all? I thought the present 12.5 wording was stern
enough to give anyone pause. Nonetheless, I added another wording. Here's
the complete paragraph:

 Details on safe use of Elgamal signatures may be found in [MENEZES], which
 discusses all the weaknesses described above. Please note that Elgamal
 signatures are controversial; because of the care that must be taken with
 Elgamal keys, many implementations forego them.

How's that?


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