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Re: About User-ID's

2001-08-20 10:57:58

Derek Atkins writes:
Who said it was necessary.  I was only suggesting it as one approach.

This statement

One solution would be to put PGP Keys (Certificates) into DNS.  Then

makes the linkage look  like a mandatory requirement.

Am I right that that anything that accomplishes this is ok

you could easily lookup a key based on the userID, but you have to
already KNOW the userID.  Unfortunately this doesn't help you lookup

(ie this is the  real requirement?)  We could do this by changing the
query rules on the http and ldap servers I would think.
[How] Does this render the servers unusable? What about the distributions
of pre-built databases (I am one of those).

What kinds of uses would cause someone to look up keys w/o knowing
the user id, or other handle on the key, first? 

One of the benefits we can get by leveraging DNS is that key service
can be distributed.

Let 's not worry about distributability for the  moment.

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