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Re: Diffs for next draft

2001-08-23 15:09:34

Jon Callas <jon(_at_)callas(_dot_)org> wrote:

Here's everything I have. If there's something you want me to do and I've
been obtuse, let me know again, and it'll get in. I'm planning on
submitting the draft in about 24 hours. I can always do another one when
something's omitted, so don't panic.

Here is another clarification of something that was unclear to me at first sight (again I needed interoperability testing to figure this out):

--- draft-ietf-openpgp-rfc2440bis-02.txt.orig   Thu Aug 23 21:40:19 2001
+++ draft-ietf-openpgp-rfc2440bis-02.txt        Fri Aug 24 00:02:20 2001
@@ -904,7 +904,9 @@
       which is equivalent to V3 in all other respects.

     - An eight-octet number that gives the key ID of the public key
-       that the session key is encrypted to.
+       that the session key is encrypted to. If the session key is
+       encrypted to a subkey then the key ID of this subkey is used
+       here instead of the key ID of the primary key.

     - A one-octet number giving the public key algorithm used.

@@ -3100,6 +3102,10 @@
   Also note that if V3 and V4 format keys share the same RSA key
   material, they will have different key ids as well as different
+   Finally, the key ID and fingerprint of a subkey are calculated in the
+   same way as for a primary key, including the 0x99 as the first byte
+   (even though this is not a valid packet ID for a public subkey).

12. Notes on Algorithms